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This food importation menace came from a system is marred by subsistence farming, lack of access to agribusiness innovation systems, lack of appropriate knowledge in smart farming techniques and lack of access to finance. Birdpreneur is here to fill the critical gap.






Demand for poultry meat and eggs are expected to continue increasing due to population growth and rising individual consumption. The market for poultry meat is projected to increase regardless of region or income level, with per capita growth slightly higher in developing than in developed regions.

Poultry meat and eggs are among the animal-source foods most widely eaten at a global level, across greatly diverse cultures, traditions and religions. Consumption of poultry meat and eggs – and of animal-source foods in general – has increased rapidly in past decades. Growing demand has mostly been driven by population growth, urbanization and rising incomes in developing countries. Chicken dominates meat consumption as it is generally affordable, low in fat and faces few religious and cultural barriers.


Poultry meat and eggs contribute to human nutrition by providing high-quality protein and low levels of fat, with a desirable fatty acid profile. Urban and peri-urban dwellers generally eat poultry raised in intensive systems, either locally produced or imported, but niche markets exist for indigenous poultry and poultry products. In rural areas of developing counties, most households consume meat and eggs from their own, usually small, flocks of indigenous birds.

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Meat and eggs are not the only important poultry products. A significant by-product is a manure, which has robust economic value, whether sold or directly applied to crops by farmers. Down and feathers can also be sold. In mixed farming systems, other products such as egg shells can be fed to other farm animals (e.g. pigs).

At Birdprenur, we provide farm sponsors with the opportunity to own a farm and make a profit while going about their other businesses. Our farm sponsors can monitor progress on their farms through their dashboard using an internet enabled device from anywhere in the world.

Farm Sponsors receive their investment plus profit earned at the end of the farming cycle while making a difference by helping to generate local employment, impact rural communities and fight the global food security challenges.