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BirdPreneur, Nigeria's no. 1 online poultry platform was established in June 2016 with the aim and vision to become the one-stop shop Aviculture Platform focused on helping individuals and corporate organizations raise birds such as broilers, layers, and turkeys for sales and consumption in order to increase meat and egg production across the value chain in Nigeria with implementation of best practices both online and offline.

About us

Initially starting with 3 employees, BirdPreneur presently has staff strength of 10 young and entrepreneurial Nigerians including our 5 man strong customer service team available 7 days a week.

Our vision

BirdPreneur… Our people set the standard by providing consistent quality poultry products every day.


To satisfy customers with consistent quality poultry products and service. Profitability and growth will be achieved through optimum product mix, efficient production, humane animal treatment and employee development in a safe and supportive work environment.

Our business is quality. It just happens to look like chicken.

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About us

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